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    Welcome to Secumetric

    Our mission is to assist Small and Medium Size Businesses and to pave the way in IT training and coaching by incorporating real life experience acquired over the years by our experts.

    Our Vision
    Guide, train and coach anyone, including Strategic level. Provide knowledge to our clients through our acquired expertise.
    Clearly identify your company’s Compliance challenges allows identification of risks that need to be managed, and therefore enabling with you to implement and adhere to a proper governance model.

    Providing superior customer service, our staff members are unmatched in their knowledge. Every bit of their hard earned expertise came as a result of years of highly specialized work and contact with thousands of people.

    Secumetric vast experience include:

    • The production and implementation of security management plans, frameworks, policies, standards and procedures all aligned with ISO27001: 2005 and aligned with privacy requirements.
    • Root cause analysis and problem solving
    • The implementation of complex large scale worldwide projects
    • Telecom and Security Architecture

    Our areas of intervention are:

    • Strategic level IT Security, Governance and Compliance
    • Bridging Business requirements to IT solutions with a focus on security and compliance
    • Production and validation of Policies, Standards and Procedures
    • Audit and Implementation Facilitation
    • ISO 27001, 27002 and 27005 Alignment and PCI Compliance
    • Development and delivery of training informative to procedural
    • Mentorship to IT security personnel and to senior management
    • Network Assessment and Security Architecture
    • Risk analysis, Vulnerability Assessments and Intrusion Testing
    • Training (Cobit, ITIL, CISSP, BCP/DRP…)
    • Networking and Security implementation

    Contact us by email: Secumetric