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    IT Governance

    IT Governance

    IT organizations and departments are constantly challenged to meet performance criteria on one hand and conformance criteria, such as Sarbanes-Oxley in the USA and Basel II in Europe, on the other. Effective IT Governance is the single most important predictor of the value an organization generates from IT.

    COBIT® stands for “Control Objectives for Information and related Technology”and has become the worldwide, de facto standard for control over information, IT, and related risks.

    It is a governance and control framework with guidance for IT controls that focuses on “What needs to be achieved” rather than “How to achieve.” Frameworks such as ITIL and ISO 27001 can be used in addition to COBIT to provide answers to the “How to achieve” question. COBIT enables an enterprise to implement effective governance over IT that is pervasive and intrinsic throughout the enterprise, can be used at the highest level of IT Governance, and helps organizations in meeting their conformance and performance requirements.


    Our COBIT learning solutions help professionals master COBIT and utilize this knowledge for effective implementation within their organizations. It also allows managers to bridge the gap between control requirements, technical issues, and business risks.

    Cobit Framwork